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MREP Communications is an interactive company that is constantly changing to meet the needs of our clients. Our services range from developing public relations campaigns to coordinating industry sectors in relation to the development of environmental policies. Industries that are facing unwarranted public or regulatory scrutiny may be missing a perspective that is fueling the discourse.

MREP Communications gathers a collaborative team of staff and expertise to review current perspectives on a project or industry, whether at the development stage or for a mature industry.


MREP Communications, through consultation and interaction of both the public and all facets of the industry, can develop strategies for positive interaction with the public and regulatory perception. These strategies utilize situation analyses, market summaries and segmentation to develop business plans.

Staff is hired by contract on a need basis for different segments of the various projects. Since other companies or government agencies generally employ staff full time, their identity is protected to ensure their work is not influenced or interrupted.

Nondisclosure agreements are mandatory requirements for all discussions.

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